Understanding The Many Side Effects Of Steroids

Any doctor, or physiology expert, will tell you that there can be many side effects of steroids. These manifest in various ways, according to your specific body chemistry and the amount and type of hormones that you happen to be processing. Steroids are most commonly injected, but may be ingested orally as well.

While some people see steroids as the best remedy for ailments such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and other joint-impacting maladies, the reality is that steroids are most often voluntarily misused as performance-enhancing drugs. Developed to counter inflammation, suffers of everything from Lupus to Asthma may be under a doctor’s care with these as the prescribed antidote. Regardless of the reason for use, the spectrum of backlash from the many side effects of steroids that can occur in the body ranges broadly, and both the short- and long-term high dosage use can have severe consequences.

When people envision the side effects of steroids, they are typically thinking in terms of systemic steroids. These are usually taken for merely a few days at a time, so the temporary symptoms resolve themselves once the dosage has stopped. Users may experience increased appetite and decreased ability to sleep. Water retention manifests as weight gain, and there can be facial flushing or blushing as well.

Anabolic steroids are a different situation altogether. Their use is typically attributed to an inability to gain the same physical results with any other natural or enhanced method. Compounding the problem, and the subsequent side effects of steroids, is their unsupervised use and uninformed awareness of the potential impact and long-term bodily harm.

Many abusers and unauthorized users may appear to know what they are doing. In reality, their sources of input include internet chats and locker room conversation. Moreover, what they hear will tend to be persuasive arguments in favor of dosing. A common misconception that you may hear repeated is that cycling the intake, or including periods where use is interrupted, prevents harmful effects. Of course, this is incorrect.

Doctors’ prescriptions take into consideration everything that is occurring and interacting within a patient’s body. The dosage also tends to be very low level. In fact, it will be the lowest possible in order to bring about the intended result. This helps to minimize repercussions.

When steroids are used to compound muscle development, unsupervised and unregulated massive amounts of this synthetic substance alter the body chemistry entirely. This is why the negative side effects of steroids can be so profound, and are so prevalent. No dosage amount is safe under these circumstances.

Medical documentation from extensive research indicates that, when the accomplishment of sports-oriented goals skews a performer’s risk mitigation, that individual consequently agrees to the possibility of enduring more than 70 different side effects of steroids. From acne to cancer, the range covers physical as well as psychological problems. Most commonly, the liver, heart, and reproductive organs are impacted severely. More immediate manifestations can begin to surface in a few weeks or a few years. Long-term effects subtly incubate for up to a decade.

Severity can span the gamut: blood sugar increases in Diabetics, raising blood pressure in those already suffering from elevated levels, eye pressure in glaucoma patients can be exacerbated, and those with congestive heart disease may encounter additional fluid development. All of these side effects of steroids provide substantial additional proof of the need for physician supervision while taking systemic steroids. Heart attacks, strokes, and kidney failure are all common outgrowths of anabolic steroid use.

Because anabolics essentially add another hormone to the body, they cause your system to subsequently reduce or even eliminate production of another hormone in order to compensate and reach homeostasis. These hormone-inhibiting side effects of steroids typically target testosterone in men, and this is why genital function and sperm production are harmed. Interestingly, while not necessarily as damaging physically, the psychological by-product of a man developing breasts later in life can be a confusing and emasculating outgrowth. Of course, roid rage and baldness can be problematic too.

Essentially, while side effects of steroids are not guaranteed to occur, their potentially detrimental effects should amply sway people from abuse. On the other hand, the numbers do not lie. Annually, more than 2 million people in the United States are known to misuse steroids. Now that you know the facts, avoid being the next person counted.