Potential Side Effects Of Steroids

Although steroids seem to be commonly on the mass media radar these days, confusion about usage and side effects of steroids is pervasive. Of course, there are legitimate and effective medicinal applications for some applications; but no use comes without side effects of steroids. More importantly, adhering to a doctor’s recommendations tends to minimize the potential for harmful side effects of steroids substantially. This is due to the regulation of dosages and incremental use.

Systemic steroids are indeed known to improve quality of life, and even prevent otherwise necessary organ transplants for some legitimate patients. Their action effectiveness is renowned for rapid-onset characteristics, and they are often combined with other prescriptions in order produce the necessary result. Even in these legal and regulated circumstances, side effects of steroids do occur. However, not all side effects of steroids arise in all patients.

For some, excessive growth of body hair, weight gain, high blood pressure, bone density problems and osteoporosis, bruising, mood swings, and even glucose intolerance can develop as side effects of steroids. Stretch marks, acne, and cataracts are also frequently found among the side effects of steroids for ongoing use. Weight gain is common, and happens with most steroid use. The most unpleasant aspect of this is resulting fatty deposits in the face, and other locations where substantial pockets had not previously developed. Steroid-induced diabetes or hypertension may self-resolve upon discontinuation of use.

Pneumonia, resurgence of herpes, and other related infections are also known side effects of steroids, particularly when systemic steroids are prescribed in combination with other auto-inflammatory suppressants. Bone loss and vulnerability to skin damage and lacerations happens in most every long-term systemic steroid user. Irritability may occur, followed by depression when prescriptions are discontinued. Cataracts can also develop, among the side effects of steroids, and require surgery for removal.

The side effects of steroids can have a dramatic impact on anyone, but seem to exhibit profound external manifestations in women and teens. Anabolic steroids contain androgens, which are less likely to be recognized in the female body as compared to its male counterpart. Women can start to appear more masculine, as evidenced in the deepening of the voice, reduction of breast tissue, male pattern baldness, and facial hair. While additional indications are more personal than they are public, changes or cessation of the menstrual cycle, and clitoral enlargement, certainly make the side effects of steroids list.

Initial symptoms of impending visible changes may be hidden or unnoticeable in women. Ongoing anabolic steroid use can cause these side effects of steroids to become permanent. In addition, women are cautioned more vehemently than men against taking anabolic steroids, and are encouraged to maintain even closer monitoring in the event that they proceed anyway.

Stunted growth in teens is among the highly publicized side effects of steroids. It is painfully ironic that a hormone taken to induce massive musculature can conversely and permanently impair structural skeletal development. Even those who support the sport and performance-based inclusion of steroids in a training regimen do advise strongly that an individual should wait until the natural physical development concludes. Mid 20s would be the earliest years when even the most radical trainers encourage such use.

Any use of steroids without a prescription is classified as a felony, even for simple possession. This takes the side effects of steroids to an entirely different level. Considered a controlled substance, selling steroids is criminally equivalent to dealing crack cocaine.

Demand for street use of steroids has created an avenue for production and sales of counterfeit products. When the known side effects of steroids are authentically so severe, imagine the damage that ingesting an unregulated substitute can do to the body. Authorities estimate that more than half of the underground supply of steroids is counterfeit, and theses are virtually impossible to differentiate from the real thing.

Steroid advocates will say that the risks are limited. They contend that drug research, testing, trial and error, and ever-evolving design of bodybuilding steroids today make them safer than they originally were. They recommend cycling and stacking in order to compound the results and minimize the side effects of steroids.

The fact remains that the side effects of steroids are unavoidable. While some negative effects can be reduced through physician guidance and low dosage, some will still inevitably occur. Moreover, as with any drug, the results will vary. Exercising extreme caution is the recommended message.