Is There a Legal Steroid Supplement?

The answer to the question “is there a legal steroid supplement” is- of course there are! Anabolic steroids or performance enhancing steroids are indeed regulated; but that doesn’t mean these compounds are inherently illegal. The pressures to ban these substances stems from the fact that indeed, their efficiency would dwarf ordinary performances in sports or otherwise. Steroids provide the body the necessary assistance to build harder, stronger muscles. That’s the difference; and that’s why it’s regulated in the first place. It’s a paradox, but you know how it is.

Performance enhancing substances, such as legal steroid supplement or supplements have been around for a long time. The synthesized versions of this naturally-occurring substance appeared in the late thirties; and human testing began even earlier than that. That’s because these compounds are indeed safe to use, and it’s up to the individual to maximize the benefits, given that these compounds are not really that inexpensive; because they are produced professionally and it takes quite a while to research and mechanically synthesize them. But again, the benefits are outstanding, and lasting. And remember, supplements are just that- supplements. They serve only to magnify whatever physical capacity the body has.

There are many, many legal steroid supplements on the market today. Many of them have been manufactured with specific clientele in mind- women, women athletes, men, men athletes, etc. The following are legal steroid supplements in capsule or tablet form: Accutan, Anadrol, Andriol, Anavar, Arimidex, Anastrozole, Clomid, Clenbuterol, Cytomel (T4), Cytomel (T3), Dianabol (Naposim), Dianabol (Anabol), Dianabol 5 mg, Dianabol 10 mg, Dianabol 50 mg, Essential forte (rPr), Halotestex, Halotestin, Nolvadex, Methanabol, Oxydrol, Oxanabol, Proscar (Propecia), Proviron, Promibol Tabs, Tamoxifen, Turanabol and many more. Injectible steroids include Andropen 275, Averbol 25, Aquateston, Boldebol, Boldenone Undecylenate 300, BoldoJect, CypioJect, Deca Durabolin, Deca bol, Durabol, Mastabol, Masteron, Nolotil, Caverject, Omnadren, Primobol, Primoject, Sustanon, Sustan 300, SustaJect, Stanozolol 50, Testex leo, Testoject, Trenabol 75, Trenabol 200, Trenbonol enanthate 200, Trenbolone, Trinabol 250, Tri-Trenabol 150, Tritren 150, StanoJect, Winstrol depot, Winstrol depot stanabol. The price range for all these products range from $28 to $590, depending on the manufacturer and the brand.