The Impact in Sports of Athletes Using Steroids

Athletes Using Steroids

Technology has significantly improved our lives and in turn is getting more and more advanced. The creation of computers and the advancement in medicine deeply created an impact on our daily lives. Nowadays, man can simply do everything which he thought was impossible for the past thirty years. Man can leap to greater heights and to farther boundaries with added agility and strength. How is this possible? The answer is steroids.

Athletes using steroids are considered to be growing in number. On a survey, steroid use among youth athletes increased steadily for the past four years. Steroids are generally used by weight lifters, body builders, long distance runners, cyclists, swimmers, and gymnasts. Athletes claim these drugs give them competitive advantage, improved physical appearance, and a general positive feeling to win during games.

Some coaches and parents also put emphasis on steroid use. Athletes using steroids are usually pushed to aspire for greatness at any cost. Today’s athletes also have seen many of their athletic role models admit steroid use. This will in turn suggest to them that taking steroid is a beneficial ingredient for advancement in a career in sports.

The feeling of being invincible is one factor that athletes look forward to when using steroids. This psychological effect contributes to their triumphs indirectly. This overall feeling of well being coupled with a determination to win completes the whole formula of winning.

In addition, according to some studies, steroids are being used for the purposes of turning school athletes into Olympic champions. They believe that steroids play a major role in record-breaking performances and are contributors to statistical achievements.

Certain types of steroids that are noted to have positive effects on athletes belong to a group called corticosteroids. They can reduce inflammation and are often used to treat swollen joints and muscles from training. This positive effect is often taken into consideration by these athletes. Steroids can also treat asthma, brain injuries, anemia, and some types of cancer. Athletes using steroids usually find benefit from increased strength and vigor brought about by increased muscle mass. However, with these positive side effects, steroids must be taken moderately and under the care of a doctor.