Can i take mexican veterinary steroids

While it is relatively difficult to purchase an anabolic steroid from a drugstore without a doctor’s prescription in most countries like United States, it is quite amusing to know that anyone can get hold of the same drug through other countries such as Mexico.

Mexican anabolic steroids, otherwise known as Mexican veterinary steroids, are generally meant for animals, thus making it easier to purchase even without doctor’s prescription. All you have to do is go to a drug store in Mexico, ask the friendly pharmacist to give you some steroids, and in just a while, you’ll have the drug on your hands. This is how easy it can be obtained in countries like Mexico, however, in countries such as United States and Canada, people have to get a prescription of a doctor before they can buy it legally.

So, if they cannot drive to Mexico, what most of them do is to visit a supplier of veterinary medicine and buy steroids from this source, claiming that they would use the steroids for animals and once they successfully get it, they use it for their own consumption.

Contrary to the claim that Mexican veterinary steroids are not fit for human consumption, they are actually safe and effective if the steroid has right amount of dosages. They may not be designed to meet the exact specifications that human pharmaceuticals are entitled to, but they are still made under certain sanitary conditions.

Besides, it is safer to buy a legitimate veterinary steroid rather than a bogus steroid that is claiming to be effective. In fact, some of the most modern anabolic steroids are originally made for the purpose of animal consumption. Each year, companies are continuing to develop new veterinary steroid, with the purpose of improving its good effects on building body muscles, and with little side effects.

In Mexico, where steroids can be legally sold and bought anywhere, lots of companies took advantage and make it their business. One such company that is known to be producing Mexican veterinary steroids is actually an Australian company. Their strategy is to import the steroids in Mexico so they can sell it legally.