Arnold Schwarzenegger Workouts

Why Every Bodybuilder Should Consider Using Arnold Schwarzenegger Workouts

Whether you’re a veteran or a beginner when it comes to weight lifting and bodybuilding, then you should consider Arnold Schwarzenegger workouts. And if you really think about it, it’s actually quite simple. Just consider the facts that Arnold has been named Mr. Olympia 7 different times! Or maybe the fact that he’s probably the most important person in bodybuilding’s history. I’ve all ways been taught to follow the best when trying something new. And if you still aren’t sure you want the Terminator to be your lifting example, just look at his pictures from when he was Mr. Olympia. He was absolutely ripped by anyone’s standards.

The first reason why you should consider Arnold’s workouts has to be the main idea that he has won the most celebrated bodybuilding competition an astounding 7 times! This alone should be reason enough to consider. Throughout the 1970’s he won the title 6 times in a row. But if your thinking that isn’t enough, he also won the famed strongman competition in 1967 after completing 12 repetitions of squatting with a four hundred pound ball! So are you considering it yet? That’s what we thought!

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bodybuilding career is amazing by anyone’s standard. This helps to explain why many bodybuilders new and old alike believe that he is the most important person in bodybuilding history. An old wise man once told me that if you ever wanted to try something new, just follow the best person’s example. Well there’s no doubt that the Governor is the highest celebrated person in the history of bodybuilding. Does this help inspire you to use Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Workout?

If you’re still having a tough time about this decision, just look at pictures from his peak! He looks amazing in every plausible way. He has been quoted as saying that at his peak, “His calves were 20 inches, thighs 28.5, waist 34, chest an amazing 57 inches and last but not least his arms which were measured in at 22 inches.” So what do you have to say about his workouts now? To get in physical shape like this one must really know what they’re doing. As well as know the proper way to do it! And by the looks of his pictures, he certainly did. If you don’t believe simply go over to your favorite search engine and type this super human bodybuilder’s name. Just be prepared, this guy was ripped to say the least!

My next reason is simple, it comes straight down to the fact that it worked for him! So ask yourself, if it worked for him, why wouldn’t it work for you? And if you still doubt Arnold Schwarzenegger workout then obviously you didn’t read the last paragraph.

There you go, now you know why every bodybuilder should try this god of a man’s workout technique. I can promise you without a single doubt in my mind that you will achieve your goal!